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BIG QUESTION: What challenges have you faced while growing your business?

(Article on Entrepreneur's Forum)

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Caroline Moody, Moody Logistics and Storage

The pandemic created several barriers to growth, which crucially for Moody Logistics and Storage involved shortages of qualified drivers, new and used trucks, and storage facilities. In response, we developed our own fast-track driver apprenticeship scheme, which has so far produced four LGV Class 2 drivers, some of whom qualified as quickly as five months. It has proved so successful, that we have just recruited our fifth driver apprentice.

Meanwhile supply chain shortages severely slowed the manufacture of vans and trucks, which also impacted the second hand market. Faced with delivery delays of up to 14 months, we overcame the problem with careful forward planning and ensuring our vehicle orders were placed well ahead of time. There is also rising demand for storage space, which means warehousing facilities are at a premium. Unable to purchase, Moody’s has leased additional warehousing to ensure we can continue to meet client requirements.

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