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retail plus delivery lorry

A bespoke added-value service
for the retail sector

With Retail Plus you can benefit from freight delivered direct to your store room, to help improve stock room management. Our service can also be beneficial for domestic deliveries within flats and apartment blocks.

Retail Plus: intelligent supply chain innovation

We're delighted to be able to provide a bespoke service to benefit those in the retail sector.


With Retail Plus we can provide an additional service to businesses that need more than a curbside delivery.


Our solution allows your team to focus on their job while we take care of delivering freight direct to your store room. This can include unwrapping and decanting pallets to ease the process.

What does Retail Plus deliver?

  • Next day and timed deliveries

  • Overnight, 24-hour services

  • Delivery of freight directly to your store room

  • Unwrapping and decanting of your products

  • Removal of spent packaging and empty pallets

  • Advanced, integrated IT benefits

  • Instant, real-time proof of delivery

  • Advanced track-and-trace visibility

  • Simple, efficient European and international services

Retail Plus information sheet

Retail Plus for domestic deliveries

Retail Plus is a service that can be utilised by those expecting deliveries to flats and apartment blocks.


For example a pallet delivery to a basement or first floor apartment is made easier with a handball service to help alleviate issues getting valuable freight from the roadside direct to your property.

What is the cost of Retail Plus?

Associated costs depend on the store/property location. We therefore ask that you please call our customer services team on 01670 710060 for a quote.

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