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Unloading containers

Offloading goods from a sealed container, known in the industry as container devanning, is the process of moving goods from a container onto pallets ready for storage, rework or order fulfilment

Experienced in container devanning

Our team are experienced in unloading containers, and regularly deal with customers requiring our container devanning services to help them manage the process of inbound shipments from overseas.

Regardless of what term you use - container devanning, container destuffing, unstuffing container, or unloading a container – we can help.

Unloading a container is a really important aspect of the logistical process, requiring skill and organisation. At Moody’s we understand the importance of removing freight with great care, and can easily accommodate offloading goods from a sealed container to our 44,000 sq ft. warehouse.

Container handballing services

Most of the time, containers arrive from overseas with stock packed and stacked in bulk to make use of all available space.

Our team can break down freight by hand and palletise it ready for storage in our warehouse, move it direct to our sister company MCR Services for rework or quality inspection, or prepare it for onward shipment to a requested location.


Handballing is a service we provide to those businesses that don’t have time or resources to manage unloading containers at their premises.

Cost-effective solution

Opting for Moody’s to organise the collection, transport, handballing and storage of goods arriving from overseas is much more efficient than needing to liaise with numerous suppliers.

We can also cater for clients whose freight arrives palletised within a container shipment, with facilities including a ramp for easy forklift access to remove pallets.

Our clients trust us to ensure their freight is unloaded from containers with great care.

Speak to us today about how we can save you time and money by bringing your full distribution cycle to Moody Logistics and Storage.

Forklift unloading container shipment
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