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Celebrating a successful year and awarding staff who excelled in their role

As Christmas approached, our 3 sister companies came together on the evening of 23rd December to celebrate those staff who excelled in their roles in the year of 2021.

Group of people standing in warehouse with trucks

The socially distanced gathering was held in Moody Logistics' cross-deck facility. MD Caroline kicked off the night with an overview of 2021, and commending staff on their hard work and dedication during yet another testing year as we navigated our way through the pandemic. Awards on the night included 100% attendance and long service, and Moody's drivers collected awards for nil tacho errors and remaining accident-free.

The big winners on the night were Jodie and Michael, pictured below. Jodie Curran, our Group Accountant was awarded Employee of the Year in recognition of her hard work maintaining company accounts and reporting, adapting to working from home at times, and never letting the business down with accounts deadlines which assisted the Directors make informed decisions during the year. Michael Crackett, who has only been with the business for 16 months, walked away with the hugely anticipated Driver of the Year award. Michael gained the majority vote from his fellow colleagues and the Directors for his dedication to the role, 'can-do' attitude and helpfulness to others. Congratulations to all award winners on the night. We are looking forward to another successful year ahead!

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