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Trucking author Cerys earns her school a very special Moody Logistics’ prize

The literary talents of one young pupil have ensured the name of her school will be known throughout the country.

School children standing next to Iveco truck

Eight-year-old Cerys won the truck-themed short story competition, organised by Moody Logistics and Storage, which had a rather special prize. For the youngster’s tale of a flying lorry called Harry Styles, which delivered chocolate buttons to key workers, earnt Eastlea Primary School the right to have its name emblazoned on the front of one of the firm’s two brand new Iveco S-Way trucks. Cramlington-based Moody Logistics invited primary schools in the local area to enter the competition to celebrate the arrival of its new fuel-efficient trucks, among the first to grace the UK’s roads, and to raise awareness of the logistics industry.

Managing director Caroline Moody chose Cerys’ winning entry for its imaginative storyline, which highlighted the important role logistics plays in keeping the country supplied, particularly during the pandemic.

When one of the trucks was sprayed in the distinctive red and grey Moody livery, the Eastlea name was also added. Once completed Caroline, who holds an HGV licence, drove the S-Way to the school so Cerys and her classmates could see the artwork for themselves. Cerys said: “I didn’t expect to win, so it was a real surprise. I had a look inside the truck and saw a lot of mirrors and wires. I think it’s very clever!” Headteacher Emma Beeston said: “Everyone is delighted to have a truck named after our school and it was a real thrill to see the name of Eastlea on the front.

“The children have been so excited to finally see the truck and asked lots of questions about lorries and logistics! The whole thing has captured their imagination.” Caroline Moody said: “We had a fantastic reception from the children, who were very enthusiastic and wanted to know all sorts of details. “We came up with the idea of a short story competition not just to celebrate the arrival of our new trucks but to encourage the children to learn more about the logistics industry while at the same time promoting literacy skills. “I loved the amount of imagination Cerys put into her winning entry, especially the idea of a flying truck – which would certainly make our lives easier!”

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