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We're a finalist for Motor Transport Awards 2022: Apprenticeship of the Year

We were thrilled when we received news on 20th June that we had been shortlisted as a finalist for the Motor Transport Awards 2022 in the category of Apprenticeship of the Year.

Logo showing finalist at The Motor Transport Awards 2022

It's so encouraging to know the judges read our award entry and saw us as a forward-thinking business that is keen to bring new blood into the transport industry. A lot of hard work went in to working in conjunction with Tyneside Training Services to coordinate the programme, which has been a huge success since launching back in early 2021.

During the height of the pandemic, delays to LGV licence applications and test dates through the government scheme meant that we were pushed to look at alternate options. By streamlining our own in-house apprenticeship scheme we have been able to reduce the length of time to produce a fully qualified driver, while maintaining a high level of training. Those who have successfully gone through the in-house apprenticeship scheme have completed within a 7 month period - quite a difference from the 12-18 months it took through the government scheme. It has meant our apprentices could accelerate to a higher wage sooner and that they could make a greater economic contribution to the company – allowing us to have more trucks on the road. We're excited to attend the prestigious awards ceremony which takes place on 7th September 2022 in London. Fingers crossed we return victorious!

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