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Moody Logistics and Storage refreshes artic fleet with pair of new IVECO S-WAY tractors

(Article written by Iveco) Running a 90% IVECO truck fleet, Northumberland's Moody Logistics & Storage adds a pair of distinctive red & grey IVECO S-WAY tractors to its busy pallet network fleet. Third generation family run haulage business, Moody Logistics & Storage, welcomes its first pair of IVECO S-WAYs to its 28 strong truck fleet. With 90% of the fleet made up of 18t Eurocargo rigid and 44t Stralis tractors, IVECO S-WAY was the natural choice, continuing a long-standing relationship with local dealer, North East Truck & Van.

Iveco S-Way HGV truck in cross-deck facility

The two IVECO S-WAY AS440S48TX/P run the most potent variant of the Cursor 11 engine at 480hp through the 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated gearbox and a 6x2 steering mid-lift chassis. Chosen for its strong performance, these trucks will predominantly be used to pull double-decker trailers between the Pall-Ex Hub in Leicester and Moody's HQ in Cramlington, north of Newcastle on the night shift. The new trucks feature a driver comfort-focused interior with air-suspended, swivelling passenger seats in conjunction with a 3-piece folding lower bunk with drop-down table to maximise interior space on rest periods. Exceptionally spacious, the AS Sleeper Cab features a 2.15m standing height and a completely redesigned driving position for maximum comfort. Elsewhere, the new vehicles offer drivers the Hi-Comfort seating, 7" touchscreen infotainment system with integrated navigation, door blinds and automatic climate control as part of the Driving Comfort Plus Pack. Aero Plus Pack adds front corner fins and adjustable spoilers to make the most of the IVECO S-WAY's 12% drag coefficient reduction and subsequent uplift in fuel economy by up to 4%. "We've always run nearly all IVECO, so our in-house maintenance team know them inside and out. In terms of TCO and upfront cost, etc. they offer good value," said Moody Logistics & Storage's Managing Director, Caroline Moody. "That's key, alongside the reliability on time-sensitive pallet work. We have a very long-term relationship with the brand too, going way back before my time. Years ago, when my Dad and Grandfather were running the business, we actually had an IVECO franchise, we used to sell the trucks ourselves." All new IVECO S-WAY are supplied with a 2-year 3XL R&M Package (for diesel, 3-years for Natural Power), and make use of a host of innovative connectivity features to maximise uptime. A connection to IVECO's European central control room enables early warning of maintenance requirements, while the truck is able to suggest changes to driving style to maximise efficiency. Drivers can also connect with their vehicle via a smartphone app to control various features away from the driving seat. "We run the IVECOs to around a million kilometres each, easily," adds Ms Moody. "We usually keep them for around six years, so some go further, some do a little less. We have a great relationship with North East Truck & Van going back a long way, we know how each other work and what we need. I suppose they've got a relatively easy job with us as we tend to take what they have in stock for quick delivery." The new trucks have been re-sprayed in the company's well-known grey and red livery and are each named after their 'Geordie' home region. One of the new IVECO S-WAYs is named after a local Primary school after the haulier launched a competition in the area to encourage interest in the logistics industry while promoting literacy skills and the exercise of young imaginations. The winning story, from Eastlea Primary School, featured a flying truck that delivered chocolate buttons to key workers, earning one of the trucks the name 'Geordie Eastlea'. Managing Director, Caroline Moody, who holds an HGV licence, took the truck to the school to present a certificate and give the pupils a chance to meet 'their' IVECO S-WAY. Moody Logistics & Storage currently holds FORS Bronze accreditation with the latest trucks receiving higher levels of safety equipment as the company looks to ascend to FORS Silver. Alongside first aid kits, forward-facing, driver and flank camera kits are installed, including reversing cameras that display the view behind the trailer in the cab. "We're pleased to see these long-term partnerships continue, with IVECO S-WAY opening doors to enhanced TCO benefits and driver comfort," remarked IVECO UK Heavy Business-line Director, Gareth Lumsdaine. "IVECO S-WAY is being extremely well received, and we look forward to it serving new and loyal customers like Moody as well as its predecessor has."

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