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Moody Logistics to feature in BBC One Night Force Documentary

We are so excited that the documentary we're set to feature in will start next week on Monday 6th April.

Man standing in hard hat

Before Christmas we welcomed Matchlight Productions into our depot as they followed long-serving night trunk driver Dave Blench on his night shift from 7pm right through until 7am. Dave has driven the same 374-mile round trip from Cramlington to the Pall-Ex Leicestershire hub for over 25 years, and talking of his role in the business said "it has become second nature and my body clock is always set at night owl mode!"

Before now, we'd been sworn to secrecy as to which TV channel this documentary would feature on, but can now reveal it will be on BBC One in the mornings 11.45am. In light of current circumstances, as the UK continues to battle through the coronavirus outbreak, Caroline Moody explained, “I hope it will give viewers a real insight and appreciation of the army of truckers who work through the night to keep this country well stocked and supplied.” We hope you'll tune in to find out what goes on while most of us are sleeping.

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