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We will increase productivity with half million pound investment in new facilities on 7-acre site

Moody Logistics is delivering a half a million pound investment, which will boost productivity at its base in Cramlington, Northumberland. The company is constructing a 12,000 square foot addition to its facilities at the seven-acre Bolam Business Park to increase capacity for its cross-deck operations, and improve the process of loading and unloading HGV trailers at the mid-delivery point.

Currently, Moody’s undertakes cross-deck loading and unloading of freight in its existing warehouse, which only allows capacity for one vehicle at a time. The new three-lane, drive-through building, which is due to be completed in the spring, will have the provision to manage a minimum of three vehicles at any one time. Transferring its cross-deck operations to the new extension is also creating the opportunity to expand the size of Moody’s 30,000 sq ft warehousing and storage facility by 44 percent also enabling the introduction of new offices for its transport department. The construction of the cross-deck facility will free up a further 14,000 sq ft of warehouse space, which is required to support the increased vehicle traffic in the cross-deck area as well as for customers renting storage space.

Man and lady standing looking at building plans with warehouse facility in background

Offering facilities to load goods in and out utilising its stock control and management systems, the warehousing service is highly-secure with 24-hour internal and external CCTV and live monitored cameras. Employing around 50 people, Moody Logistics provides pallet delivery, contract logistics, general haulage and container delivery across the UK. It has delivered year-on-year growth of between six and ten percent with a turnover of £3m. The company is one of the founding depots within the Pall-Ex network, which has access to more than 3,000 vehicles and 90 locations across the country, enabling UK-wide high volume product deliveries within 24 hours. Caroline Moody, Managing Director of Moody Logistics, said: “Our continued growth has facilitated the need to further scale-up our operations and this new facility will provide the capacity and increased productivity we need to meet the demand for our services. “The Cross-deck facility is an important development for the company as it increases our capabilities and agility meeting increasing customer requirements, it also creates the opportunity to expand our warehousing and storage resource.

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